SchemeSpheres Experimental: R7RS Libraries and More Scheme Implementations

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This post is to annouce a new step towards a general and stable set of libraries for Scheme. We are finally going to port the libraries to R7RS, and try to open the architecture and organization of the project to other Scheme implementations. The main focus will continue being Gambit, but fully-compatible r7rs implementations like Chibi will be taken into account.

Some things I have to mention regarding this new (experimental) version of SchemeSpheres are:

  • Gambit is not fully r7rs-compatible, and until it does natively support syntax-rules and define-library we will continue using Psyntax (Matt Hastie’s fork). It is currently more solid, although it doesn’t support Gambit’s namespaces. This means that define-library won’t actually hide non-exported names at the moment. However, SchemeSpheres will be prepared to take advantage of this fundamental feature as soon as it is supported in a syntax-rules/define-library implementation. Moreover, implementations that do support it, will benefit from it.
  • Marc Feeley is working on several fronts with Gambit, like multiple language backends, native multithreading and define-library.
  • This project is welcoming any kind of contributions. It needs better documentation and help porting it to other platforms, among others. You can start right away in Github if you wish to contribute!

You can follow progress on Github.

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