SchemeSpheres Release v0.8: Towards Beta

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This release gets SchemeSpheres much closer to its original purpose: serving as a good starting point for rapid application development in Scheme. The changes in this release are pretty big!

  • Improved syntax support, thanks to SCSC (a custom version of PSyntax, by Matt Hastie).
  • Syntax-case is now supported thanks to the new expander.
  • OSX support. This expands currently supported platforms to: Linux, OSX and Android. Next in the list is iOS.
  • Emacs integration of remote debugging facilities.

If you’ve been using SchemeSpheres for your own project, beware that there are some non-backwards compatible changes. The project is still in alpha stage, thus making this sort of changes unavoidable, but is getting close to a beta release.

Happy Hacking!

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