SchemeSpheres v0.6 Release

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  • Support for Android.
  • New generators, with Android support: (minimal, remote REPL, SDL OpenGL application with remote inspection/debugging).
  • Fusion/Sake tasks handle Scheme/C/Java avoiding recompilation whenever possible.
  • Full SDL2 bindings.
  • Full OpenGL/ES2 bindings.
  • General improvements to the overall infrastructure and bug fixes.
  • More functionality in several spheres.

If you want to try it out follow these quick instructions (or check out the Quickstart and Installation Guide):

  • This release has been developed for Gambit v4.7.2.
  • Download the v0.6 release of Core Sphere.
  • Run:
sudo ./bootstrap
  • Install the rest of the spheres in this release:
sudo sspheres install codec crypto energy fabric fusion math opengl sdl2 strings
  • Create an SDL/OpenGL(ES) skeleton:
sfusion new -g sdl-opengl my-new-program
  • See all available tasks:
  • Run interpreted or compile it on the Host platform (Linux / OS X):
sake host
  • Compile and Run it on Android:
sake android:setup
sake android

If you are running the program called sense at the same time you run your Android App, and the IP address in src/app.scm points to your computer’s local IP, you’ll be connected remotely with a terminal running a Gambit REPL inside your Android device. Now you are free to develop interactively on Android.

Happy hacking! :)

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