The End of 2013 Brings SchemeSpheres v0.4!

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The new pipeline for the Gambit Scheme compiler (featuring modules and dependencies processing, hygienic macro expansion, and library/executable compilation) is ready for Linux. With this new release, we get these (very important) changes:

  • Riaxpander is the new hygienic macro expander. This brings a number of advantages, the most important ones being better macro debugging and better define-macro / syntax-rules interaction.
  • Optional positional and named parameters are now available.
  • Spheres and Sake programs got fully refactored to make them more solid, extensible and maintainable.
  • Sake now accepts extension tasks more naturally, just placing them in the /sake/extensions directory of the Core Sphere.
  • As a consequence, sakefiles got cleaner and unified.
  • Fusion Sphere brings a new minimal generator, plus an improved opengl2d one.

If you want to try it out follow these quick instructions (or check out the Quickstart and Installation Guide):

  • This release has been developed with Gambit v4.7.1.
  • Download the v0.4 release of Core Sphere.
  • Run:
sh bootstrap
  • Install the rest of the spheres in this release:
spheres install fabric energy strings fusion math opengl sdl2
  • Create an OpenGL 2d program
sfusion new -g opengl2d my-new-program
  • Run or compile it
sake host:run
sake host:compile

If you have any issue installing or in any of the steps, please open an issue in Github! This way we will be able to keep improving SchemeSpheres.

With this release we hope once more to bring closer modules and tools to the Schemer. As always, stay tuned for updates! Android and iOS comes next ;)

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