SchemeSpheres v0.2 Released

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The project, aimed at providing schemers (the species of developer skilled in the art of Scheme) with an infrastructure to build multiplatform apps (Android/iOS/Win/OSX/Linux). Following the concept of “batteries included”, the project releases its 0.2 version, one step more towards the v1.0 release. The main changes in this release are:

  • Much easier installation of SchemeSpheres: download and run one single script.
  • A new program called spheres will take care of installing and uninstalling spheres for you. No more finding Spheres through Github!
  • Various fixes in core functionality, like FFI and Spheres importing.
  • Several fixes in Fabric, Energy, Fusion and String spheres.

Try it out if you want to start hacking right away. And stay tuned for updates! You’ll see pretty awesome stuff very soon, especially if you are into game development in Lisp / Scheme ;).

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